4 Elements Candles

La Sirena - 8 oz candle


La Sirena means Mermaid: a combination of mere (sea) and maid (a young woman). Mermaids symbolize renewal, as they are tied to a water element, they embody the revitalization that water brings. They are playful, youthful, headstrong creatures that crave the freedom that the sea provides. The combination of Lemon, Lily and Jasmine aromas with a musky base creates a sophisticated blend between floral and freshness, just like a soft, magical and enchanting mermaid spell.

Element: Water

Top Notes: sage grass, lemon
Middle Notes: lily, rose, jasmine
Base Notes: amber, musk

Crafted with high quality ingredients. Made without GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colours or dyes. Eco-friendly, vegetarian and never tested on animals. Candle color may slightly vary from image. When properly used, this candle duration is approximately 40 hours - Read Candle Care to know more.

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