4 Elements Candles

Bundle 4 Elements - 8 oz


Experience Air, Earth, Water and Fire in a bundle that will bring the 4 Elements collection into your home.

Element: Earth
Top Notes: orange peel, winter sage, petitgrain
Middle Notes: white clove, cinnamon bark
Base Notes: cedar wood, fir balsam

Northern Lights
Element: Air
Top Notes: sweet orange, dark vanilla
Middle Notes: spicy cinnamon
Base Notes: clove

La Sirena
Element: Water
Top Notes: sage grass, lemon
Middle Notes: lily, rose, jasmine
Base Notes: amber, musk

Element: Fire
Top Notes: red rose petals
Base notes: vanilla beans

Crafted with high quality ingredients. Made without GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colours or dyes. Eco-friendly, vegetarian and never tested on animals. When properly used, each candle of this bundle burns for approximately 40 hours - Read Candle Care to know more.

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